Dylan tries some heavy metal Credit: Heaven’s Door Spirits

Neat Stuff 23: Bob Dylan’s whiskey, Chinese Scotch and new-generation drams

A couple of years ago we saw Bob Dylan play. As the rumpled music legend and his ace band ripped through barely recognizable takes on his own classics, plus old-school standards, he didn’t say a word. Really, Bob? OK, you’re still the greatest songwriter of the 20th century, with a Nobel Prize in Literature to boot, even if you couldn’t be bothered to pick up your award.

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Chrysta Bell makes a scene Credit: Ralf Ehrhardt, Wikimedia Commons

Neat Stuff 22: Chrysta Bell and David Lynch, Kentucky Derby bourbons and ryes, and Dublin’s top whiskey bars

We’ve always loved David Lynch, especially at his most cryptic. Chrysta Bell has a soft spot for him, too. A singer-songwriter and model, Bell also plays FBI Agent Tammy Preston in Lynch and Mark Frost’s 2017 reprise of their cult TV series Twin Peaks. Texas Monthly recently caught up with the San Antonio native when she returned to her hometown from California.

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