Leave it to beaver Credit: Tamworth Distilling

Animal spirits: A beaver and a grasshopper walk into a bar…

Tamworth Distilling’s whiskies aren’t for everyone—at least when you know what’s in them. The New Hampshire outfit offers an experimental series that includes Eau de Musc, Melita Kiely of The Spirits Business explains. Its not-so-secret ingredient? Beaver castoreum, a secretion that the industrious rodents use to mark their territory

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If looks could kill they probably will, Cersei Credit: Macall Polay, HBO

GoT whiskey: Game of Thrones pours it on one last time

Death is so final, whereas life—ah, life is full of possibilities. Taking that chestnut to heart, Game of Thrones fans are scheming like Littlefinger to guess how it will all end. Whatever happens, we can’t get enough of the acclaimed series, whose eighth and last season launched April 14.

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