Great leap forward? Credit: Diageo and Jiangsu Yanghe Distillery Co.

Meal ticket: A Chinese whiskey with Scottish characteristics

Distillers from the U.S. and Japan teamed up for a cross-border whiskey, so why not China and Scotland? Diageo and Jiangsu Yanghe Distillery Co., China’s No 3. maker of the clear spirit baiju, recently announced the launch of Zhong Shi Ji. Master Scotch blender Craig Wallace and baiju guru Zhou Xinhu created the new whiskey, billed as “a premium taste of East and West.” Details are sketchy, but Chinese ceramic pots come into play.

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Dylan tries some heavy metal Credit: Heaven’s Door Spirits

Knock, knock: Bob Dylan finds a home for his Heaven’s Door whiskey

A couple of years ago we saw Bob Dylan play. As the rumpled music legend and his ace band ripped through barely recognizable takes on his own classics, plus old-school standards, he didn’t say a word. Really, Bob? OK, you’re still the greatest songwriter of the 20th century, with a Nobel Prize in Literature to boot, even if you couldn’t be bothered to pick up your award.

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Going with the grain Credit: Gooderham & Worts

The Neat Stuff guide: New-generation whiskies worth seeking out

When you took your very first sip of coffee or beer, you might have thought, Do people actually like drinking this stuff? Same goes for the first whiff of a campfire-smoky Scotch, the oak-smoothed bite of bourbon on the palate or the unexpected spicy fire of a rye whiskey. We don’t know about you, but we’ve learned to love those things.

Recently, whiskey makers in several countries have started crafting spirits that are more approachable in subtle ways, appealing to all kinds of drinkers—not just whiskey nerds.

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