Becky Barnicoat tastes whisky

Follow your nose: The whiskey smell test

Forget the price tag—just give it a sniff. That’s Johnnie Walker whiskey ambassador Ali Reynolds’ advice to Business Insider. No stranger to bottles costing upward of $30,000, Reynolds says an alcohol burn on the nose usually betrays a young whiskey. “If it has depth to the smell and you can

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Credit: The Eric Andre Show, Adult Swim

Adults only: Eric Andre needs a drink

When Adult Swim mainstay Eric Andre does a standup gig in Lexington, Kentucky, on February 2, he has a few demands. “I want real Kentucky moonshine at my Lexington show,” the comedian tweeted. “I’m also accepting artisanal bourbon.”

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Credit: Endless West

Insta-dram: The 24-hour whiskey people

Can tech bros disrupt whiskey—or will they ruin it, like privacy, restaurant dining and the truth? To find out, 1843 magazine’s Henry Wilkins visits San Francisco’s Endless West, self-described “makers of molecular spirits.”

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