Was it something we said, Ray? Credit: Showtime
Was it something we said, Ray?
Credit: Showtime

Fixing a drink for Ray Donovan: Liev Schreiber’s Scotch co-stars

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Like everyone and everything else famous, it seems, Ray Donovan now has its own whiskey. Silver Screen Bottling Co. recently launched The Fixer, a 45% ABV blend inspired by Liev Schreiber’s brooding title character in the long-running Showtime crime drama.

A relentless peddler of TV- and movie-themed drams, Silver Screen is taking reservations for its new offering. What can we expect? “The Fixer Blended Whiskey is silky smooth and surprisingly light on the palate,” promise the tasting notes, which are straight from Central Casting. “Lively and fresh, it allows the lushness of the corn to come through.” Thanks for nothing.

They don’t drink that stuff in Southie

To be fair, whiskey plays a strong supporting role in the show, which follows the misadventures of South Boston transplant Ray Donovan as he cleans up after L.A.’s rich and famous. For Donovan, who’s also a devoted family man of sorts, all that dirty work creates a powerful thirst.

At Liquor.com and elsewhere, eagle-eyed Ray Donovan viewers have documented their sightings of an unusually wide range of Scotches, from a Highland Park 25 to a 1969 Glenlivet. Perhaps none is more diligent than Canadian blogger Curtis MacEachern, whose Scotch Cinema also tracks the spirit’s appearance in other films and TV shows.

What’s with the fake booze?

Although real brands predominate, many onscreen Scotches are fictional, as this sampling reveals. On Ray Donovan, folks have been known to quaff Stafford Twin Wood, a blatant Balvenie knockoff that’s also made its way onto fellow Showtime property Californication.

As for Schreiber, he’s apparently no stranger to the genuine article. “Meditation works,” the versatile actor, director and screenwriter told New York magazine’s Maria Elena Fernandez in 2017 when asked how he detaches from his job. “Unfortunately, Irish whiskey also works really well, which probably accounts for a lot of the alcoholism in the acting business.” Sorry to hear that.🥃 

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