No, Blair Bowman, here’s to you Credit: World Whisky Day

Global effort: 12 bottles for World Whisky Day

Need another excuse to pour a dram? No matter how you spell your favorite drink, May 18 is World Whisky Day. Bars, distillers and anyone with a bottle can join in on the fun by holding a free registered event. Just promise us you won’t go it alone.

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Power drink: Scotch whisky beats energy for economic clout

What with climate change and all, maybe Britain should rethink its plans to turn the place into a fracking mess by mining natural gas. Just ask the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA), which says the workers it represents contribute more to the U.K. economy than the energy sector.

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Binge watching: Krysten Ritter drinks with Jessica Jones

A wobbly Game of Thrones wrap-up got you down? Well, at least Krysten Ritter will be back soon for the third and final season of Jessica Jones. In the Netflix series based on the Marvel Comics character, Ritter plays a superhero-turned-detective who suffers from PTSD. The Hell’s Kitchen resident also drinks a lot of whiskey.

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